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Shining Lakes of Kancheepuram- a Reflection

An independent film about freshwater lakes and water management in Southern India 



​This film takes one on a journey from Tambaram, the gateway of Chennai to Oragadam, the industrial hub, through an ancient beautiful system of Lakes and the Adyar River, said to be in existence since the medieval period. 
The lakes supported the livelihood of the people - Agriculture, which once thrived in the region.


Today, with farmers selling off their lands and lakes being encroached upon, both agriculture and the water resources are under serious threat due to rapid urbanisation, real estate deals, and human negligence.
Hope shines over the horizon though, at the heart of sincere conservation efforts by dedicated minds.



Screened at 

  • at 10th anniversary celebrations of Chennai Trekking Club

  • to my former colleagues at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Chennai

        to raise awareness on local waterbodies around the industry

  • to NSS Students of Ramakrishna Polytechnic College, Chennai. 


In order to get into Wildlife Filmmaking, I produced this film to learn how to make a documentary.

And this was done with the gear I already had in hand - an iPhone 5s & a lapel mic.

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